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How to Heal Your Metabolism

In the fitness world and lay-person community, there are lots of misguided “truths” about health and what it is.  I myself have tried so many approaches and methods to gain health. Let me tell you now, health and metabolism are synonymous. Do you want energy? good sleep? good digestion? A strong mental state? A system resilient to stress? All of these are the byproducts of a healthy, high metabolism. This book is a great primer on how to heal and improve metabolism. 

Light: medicine of the future

Do you take 10+ supplements but routinely get less then an hour of natural light hitting your skin and eyes per day? Then you may be spinning your wheels. You see, we have nutritional needs for light just as we do for food. Lights role in our health is often underestimated and not made to be the priority it should. This book does a great job of explaining why it is so crucial to our health. 

self massage tools

Lacrosse Balls

The Lacrosse Ball is an essential tool no matter who you are. Denser then a tennis ball, they are perfect for releasing key areas related to back pain, shoulder pain, hamstring pain, IT band pain and more. 


Softballs have a unique size allowing them to get into certain spots better than lacrosse balls. 

foam roller

This foam roller has the perfect density at a good price point. Once again, people with back pain, or knee pain, or who spend lots of time sitting will greatly benefit from a device like this.


The Theracane is worth every penny. It offers a unique design helping people hit hard to reach spots in their shoulders and calves but the real benefit of this device is found in the abdominal region. Used heavily in our personal training sessions and more.