Time To Fix Your Low Back Pain, Part 1

Not everyone can make it to my office, yet this should not bar you from the pain free life.

This protocol is designed to help you get out of pain, asap. 

Getting out of pain is step 1 and that involves mostly rolling out, some breathing and some general stretches/mobilizations. Staying out of pain is step 2 and that involves the whole gamut of connecting and potentiating the body.

In this blog you’ll find links to my YouTube videos that cover the most common and useful spots to roll out to help the majority of low back pain cases.

Often, this will be enough to yield significant relief.

Once out of pain, staying out of pain involves regular movement practices that will improve tensional balance, hydration, and athleticism over time.

Part 1: The Overworked and Underworked

In most cases, if you deal with Low Back Pain on a regular basis it is because your low back is doing too much. It is not because your low back is weak. Rather, too many other areas of your body are stiff and/or weak forcing your lower back to compensate in a million tiny movements day after day.

In all those tiny movements, the following occurs:

  1. Your core is not supporting your low back during movement. Your core has 3 main players that have the role of stability: the TVA(transverse abdominis), diaphragm, and the breath. Usually, one or more of these components are weak and/or stiff.
  1. Because the hips and legs are too tight/stiff to engage properly in general movement which forces the low back to abandon its intended role as bridge for role of primary driver in movement. 

To get rid of your low back pain you need to release the legs and hips with rolling out, and strengthen the TVA and your ability to support your lower back with intra-abdominal pressure.

Once the legs and hips are free to be a base and an ambulatory root system, the lower back suddenly has much less heavy lifting to do. Add in the ability to pressurize your core with your breath and core muscles, and your lower back will start hurting less and less. 

lets get into it:

Part 2: main MFR spots

We will first start with rolling out the hips and legs.

How and why to roll out


Lower body roll out


Upper body roll out



Rolling out side body with Foam roller


Stomach roll out with softball


Rolling out spinal erector muscles


Roll out calves


Roll out feet