Our mission statement

To offer you your best shot at a pain free, long-lived life by helping you build a body that’s dynamically adaptable, highly efficient, and athletic 

Our history and the growing team

PMT was started by Simon Briscoe a decade ago. It started as a one man shop offering therapeutic massage, but soon Simon started expanding his skillset and the business started offering services in the movement side. As Simon got a deeper understanding of biomechanics and neurology, he as able to blend the movement and massage into a comprehensive approach that began getting outlier results. 
Growing the Team: Onboarding two new Team Members
Pinnacle is in the process of onboarding two highly skilled PTA’s (Physical Therapy Assistant). PTA’s undertake schooling necessary to work alongside Doctors of Physical Therapy and have much more in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movement than your standard personal trainer. This gives them a great foundation for the advanced mechanical and neurological approach we take at Pinnacle. They are set to begin seeing clients by 2024!