Simon Briscoe

Hi there, my name is Simon and I have been serving the people of Austin with massage, posture therapy, and movement enhancement for almost a decade. The past 10 years for me have been a whirlwind of activity: from studying under world-class mentors, growing my business, growing in a committed relationship and more.

My passion has always been learning as deeply as I can any field related to the body, health, metabolism, healing the inner child, maturity, responsibility, sustainability for the body and planet, and more. I always seek to synthesize knowledge in novel ways. When it comes to my love of the body, of healing, of figuring out what drives better movement, pain free sustainability, and an optimal brain, I will never run out of juice!

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Reading, courses, anything related to the brain, neuroplasticity, and learning how to learn.

  • Roller blading with my partner and dog and going to skate parks.

  • Regenerative farming.

  • Blockchain as a technology that goes way beyond currency and it’s potential to change our current systems at the deepest levels for the better.