Our mission statement

To offer you your best shot at a pain free, long-lived life by helping you build a body that’s dynamically adaptable, highly efficient, and athletic 


Meet The Team

Gabrielle (DPT) is a dynamic force with a bright mind. She graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2021, and snagged Student of the Year Award along side it. Proficient in all aspects of physical therapy, she excels particularly in spine-related treatments. With a blend of wit and professionalism, Gabrielle turns therapeutic sessions into a seamless blend of healing and humor, making her the go-to expert in spine care.

Erika (PTA, CPT, Wellness Coach), is an established figure in the movement world. With over a decade of experience helping people resolve pain, fix movement, and reach goals, she is the kind of person you want on your team for any health related journey. 




Simon (LMT) is the owner of Pinnacle and a seasoned massage therapist and movement coach. Simon’s background includes multiple mentorships and settings where he has synthesized the movement paradigm that Pinnacle uses to help people build real world strength, age well, and crush their goals.