Are You In Pain?

Let's solve That!

Sports Massage + Functional Training

Functional Training

Build athleticism and strength that also pulls you into good posture.
$100 per hour

Sports Massage

A no-fluff, deep tissue/sports massage hybrid that will remove the “knots”, pain, and overall stiffness that is holding you back.
$130 per hour

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At Home Massage

We are currently not offering this service.

Are You

Are you ready for expert guidance that leads to lasting change?

Massage that gets to the point

and puts the Therapy back in Massage Therapy

A massage may feel good in the moment, but this does not mean it is solving the root of the issue.

If you are dealing with back pain, neck pain, knee pain- any pain at all –

my promise is to work with you to find the true cause of the pain so it goes away and stays away.

Our Packages

Choose Your Plan



10  hours split over 6-10 weeks. These sessions provide a complete reset to your structure. This package is typically for people who have their own exercise routine and are not interested in any training/posture therapy and simply want high-quality massage.



Similar to Massage package, but movement is incorporated into the sessions(recommended). Targeted movement can solidify the release a massage provides by giving the body a different option for how to hold tension. Without this, the risk of the body defaulting back to the original holding patterns is higher.



10 sessions = $1100:: 20 sessions = $2100. Where the rubber meets the road. We assess all your movements, find all your postural opportunities for optimization, and from the deepest foundations of the body build huge skyscrapers of performance and sustainability.


How It Works

1. Book Your First Session

In this session, we figure out your goals, gather data about your pain or issue, assess your movement if needed, and perform the massage.

2. We'll Create
A Plan

Once we have assessed your goals and your structure, we’ll create a roadmap that will turn your stiffness into mobility, achiness into agility, and daily pain into pain-free performance.

3. Reach Your

As your body starts changing and improving at deep levels, you will find yourself standing taller, breathing deeper, moving better, and doing more with less pain.

Here's The Thing...

The same aches and pains keep resurfacing because you have never fully addressed all the underlying factors in a deep, comprehensive way. This is for good reason: Its a multi-faceted, complex problem. Healing your body at its deepest structural levels, is rocket scienceBut that’s where I come in. With massage and functional training I can help you:

  • Identify the foundational imbalances in your posture, movement, and tissues.
  • Create a plan and offer you the support and guidance you need to follow that plan until you reach your pinnacle level of being