therapeutic Massage and personal training

Will fully resolve your chronic pain.

Comprehensive Assessments

Stop spinning your wheels. With an assessment we can put the root causes of your chronic pain into context. With a full picture established, our targeted approach will remedy the muscular imbalances that have gotten out of whack and are causing your pain.


therapeutic Massage

Our signature no-fluff, deep tissue/sports massage hybrid will remove the “knots”, pain, and overall stiffness that is holding you back.


Revolutionary fitness Journeys

Some people are strong but stiff. Others are flexible but unstable. We help you bridge the gap between mobility, agility, strength, and posture.

The journey we take you on is the surest way to build athleticism that will support you now and at 70, 80, 90 years old.

$1,500 - $5,500

Low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain...

Are you ready for expert guidance that leads to lasting change?

Here's The Thing... about therapeutic massage and personal training

The same aches and pains keep resurfacing because you have never fully addressed all the underlying factors in a deep, comprehensive way. This is for good reason: It’s a multi-faceted, complex problem. Healing your body at its deepest structural levels, is rocket scienceBut that’s why I am here, to work with you to find the solution. With therapeutic massage and personal training I can help you:

  • Identify the foundational imbalances in your posture, movement, and tissues.
  • Create a plan and offer you the support and guidance you need to follow that plan until you reach your pinnacle level of being.

Individualized Care that is unmatched.

  Your posture, movement habits, strengths and weaknesses are all unique to you, which is why we create a plan that is 100% unique to you.

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let's get started with Therapeutic massage and personal training

1. Book an assessment

In this session, we figure out your goals, gather data about your pain or issue, assess your movement if needed, and perform the therapeutic massage.

2. Build a plan

Once we have assessed your goals and your situation, we’ll create a roadmap that will turn your stiffness into mobility, achiness into agility, and daily pain into pain-free performance. 

3. Reach Your

As your body starts changing and improving at deep levels, you will find yourself standing taller, breathing deeper, moving better, and doing more with less pain.

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